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Mature Male Entertainers
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We offer three basic shows ranging from PG to X.  Choose the one you are most comfortable with to entertain your group.

PG Show: $150  Your entertainer will stay in his briefs as he entertains with jokes and games that will have your guests in stitches.  30 minute show.

R Rated Show:  Your entertainer will strip down to a revealing thong and may even perform the naked "towel dance" but will not show full frontal nudity.  He will dance in your guest's lap and give her a very intimate entertainment.  $250  45 minute show

X-Rated Show:  This show will contain full nudity.  No sex is involved but anything else goes!   $400  One hour show
All prices are inclusive of transportation in our service area and will include no extra charges. 

Discerning Women Choose Mature Men